Quay side warehouse areas have been changing.
Before, they were the only areas for the storages of cargo. But now, waterfront warehouses are becoming multi-purpose.

This cargo must change the pallet.Because, incoming & outgoing pallets are different sizes.Today, he is required to make 25 bags / pallet.

Film wrap work over corrugated cardbord is very troublesome.

Now, they are preparing for the P.P.band for pre-lashing.
They are working on the cargos in a line now.
Of course, they are paying attention to the security of their circumferences.

They just finished the loading of the cargos.And, the carpenters came to fasten the cargos now. Today, they have decided to use the Eco-Lash.The Eco-lash is NOT using any WOOD.

It is due to the Eco-lash NOT being WOODEN, this lashing materials can be used for ANY destination of the consignor's request.

Many country's Quarantine systems have been changing. They decided that the normal wood can not be used as the lashing materials.The woods for the lashing materials have the heat treatment or the fumigation. Because of the extermination of harmful insects.

And, the certificates and special stamps for the all peaces of the lashing timber are needed for the custom clearance. The wooden materials are so complicated now. They need a lot of hands and much time.

But, the Eco-lash here does NOT need any treatment that is because they are NOT wooden materials. They are made of the iron and paper.

If you consider the benefits of Eco-lash, you will be understand that it is a good deal.